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Welcome to Nplex Laboratory. We provide custom development and production of high-content, lipid-based nanoparticles for biomedical research and cosmetic applications.

For biomedical research, our nanoparticle reagents can be installed with a variety of targeting moieties and loaded with (tens of) thousands of probes that deliver unparalleled signals. They have been adopted by innovative scientists to develop drug delivery systems and enable new analytical/imaging techniques for protein and DNA detection.

For cosmetic applications, we are OEM/ODM of molecularly engineered liposomes, immunoliposomes, ligand-targeted nanoparticles, and a variety of lipid formulations that boost topical delivery of cosmeceutical ingredients. Our nanotechnology enhances the performance and efficacy of traditional skincare products.

Please contact us for nano-formulation and nano-encapsulation services that offer unlimited possibilities and meet the challenges of your most demanding life sciences projects.

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